PATIENT RECRUITMENT                                                                                                                             

Patient recruitment in the context of clinical research refers to the process of identifying, enrolling, and retaining eligible participants in clinical trials or studies. Effective patient recruitment is crucial for the success of clinical research endeavors.We identify the eligible participants via the  criteria which may include age, gender, medical history, and specific health conditions.

Obtain Informed Consent, Once potential participants are identified, they are provided with detailed information about the study and its objectives. Informed consent is obtained from those who agree to participate voluntarily.

Ensure Patient recruitment must adhere to strict ethical standards, ensuring that participants' rights and welfare are protected. This includes respecting privacy and confidentiality,

Diversity and Inclusivity, efforts are made to ensure a diverse and representative participant pool to enhance the generalizability of study results. This may involve targeting specific demographics or underrepresented populations.

Screening and the evaluation of patients, this includes medical examinations, lab tests, and assessments as required by the study protocol.